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Robert McLachlan ASC CSC


Currently filming the new TNT series King and Maxwell until late June and then returning to Europe until late October to shoot season 4 of Game of Thrones for HBO.

Available November 1st, 2013.

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About Robert McLachlan

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Born in San Francisco and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Robert holds full dual US/Canadian citizenship and is work permitted for the UK

As the son of an artist he was surrounded by art and images his whole life and began taking night courses in advanced photography while still a junior in high school. During that time he also became the Canadian Cycling Champion and a Canada Games Gold medalist but left a promising sporting career to pursue film exclusively.

First studying Fine Art at University of British Columbia and then Film and Communications at Simon Fraser University. Upon leaving college, he founded OmniFilm Productions in Vancouver in 1979 where he produced, directed and photographed many international documentaries including numerous award winning environmental and conservation films for Greenpeace and other international clients including the BBC and NFB. Meanwhile, he also produced, directed and photographed over 350 TV commercials between 1980 and 1990 prior to pursuing dramatic cinematography exclusively.

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Since then, he has demonstrated remarkable versatility as a cinematographer, moving with unusual ease between television and theatrical films of all sizes. In the process, winning many awards and amassing hundreds of credits including a return to wearing the Director/Cinematographer hat in 2007 with 68 2nd unit shooting days on The Golden Compass in London, England and later, additional stunt unit work on Dragonball Evolution in Mexico. His technical and artistic mastery combined with a collaborative nature can be credited with being described as “A director’s dream” by former colleagues.

Robert belongs to both US and Canadian camera unions and also holds DGA and DGC cards. He has been a member of the CSC since 1985 and was honored with membership in the hallowed ASC in 2002.

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